We are a state approved private school that incorporates a highly effective academic experience and quality education for all children. This private school goes from nursery to 9th grade providing a challenging academic environment since its establishment in 1982, consisting of the same school directors since then. ColégioAtlântico with almost 1000 students is located in a working class neighborhood in Seixal, a short distance from the capital city, Lisboa. A 20 minute train ride, across the Tagus river will give you access to the cosmopolitan lifestyle of a modern European city with all its social and cultural attractions. But if you prefer a boat ride then in 30 minutes and just a few minutes away, you can walk to the downtown area where many shops and cafés will be at your disposal.
Furthermore, not far from our school, in the opposite direction, towards the sunny village of Sesimbra, there are some magnificent beaches, great for hours of fun. The conclusion remains the same. ColégioAtlântico is a perfect school, binding the closeness of the city and the beaches. A school where the students are provided with rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment aligned with the State Standards while being immersed in the arts. Our curriculum is based upon new technologies with specific subjects where students learn how to use them from both the user and the Programmer’s point of view. These tech- savvy is used to enhance communication between parents, students and teachers making it a modern and tech-friendly school. Definitely a place to visit. As previously mentioned we are a very tech-friendly school with our curriculum strongly based upon ICT.

All school communication is developed by several digital tools, namely the communication established between teachers/students; students/students; teachers/parents; teachers/head teachers; – Our curriculum includes a subject where students develop ICT skills (TIC) and a subject dedicated to computing; – We have a digital magazine (Bliss) totally made by the students about school news and teenage areas of interest; – Besides our schools official website and facebook page, every educational area has its own facebookpage where all projects done by the students are posted. – “RádioAtlântico” is another great example of Social Media implemented in our school. – All our classrooms are equipped with smartboards and computers. – We have two classrooms fully equipped where ICT and Computing classes take place. We considered we gather all the necessary skills and expertise to be a great partner on this interesting and hallenging project.

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